Structural Water Sealing Barrier Launched to Improve Blasting Performance

According to BlastBoss CEO David Handel, Dryshot was developed to revolutionise the global blasting industry - greatly reducing the cost per blast to operators, while maximising production through increased operational, processing and transportation efficiency.

"I continuously saw the ongoing blasting challenges faced by the mining, quarrying and civil engineering industries throughout my 30-plus years as a director of a leading global fine particle management company," Handel said.

"Traditional blasting methods can cause increased costs in production, processing and transportation, and adverse environmental effects - including exposure to dangerous fumes and excessive dust, noise and vibration.

"I saw the need to completely change the current blasting processes and worked with leading chemists, physicists and engineers to invest the Dryshot technology."

Dryshot is a blended powder product used a multipurpose barrier to instantly seal off explosives from problematic water and mud in standard blast holes, and stop stemming dilution into explosives in large diameter holes.

It can also isolate toe water and mud creating a dry hole for the immediate loading of explosives, can be placed on top of explosives, or stemming to stop water ingress contamination.